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What is proxy server?

Proxy server is a remote computer who transmits all subscriber program requests to the network and having received a response, sends it back to the subscriber.Each computer connected to the Internet is assigned a unique ip-address that carries information about the subscriber's country and region.The proxy server also has its own ip-address. As we already mentioned, by connecting to a proxy, you send all requests to the Internet through it, while the check shows the ip proxy server, and you remain anonymous.

Anonymous browsing

Anonymous browsing One of the good edges of employing a proxy server is to cover internal shoppers from associate degree external network. It makes your network id anonymous because the proxy servers are at the forefront, protective your network information science whereas permitting traditional aquatics. Since your internal information science network isn't accessible from associate degree external network, you're safe from attacks by unscrupulous hackers, scammers and transmitter


Proxy servers might also cache web content and supply a lot of economical website delivery. It will speed up the access to documents and website contents because it can continually look in its native cache of antecedently downloaded results of all requests like footage, and alternative static graphical content.

Filter Requests

Proxy servers also can be accustomed filter information or requests from external website. for instance, it's wide enforced by organizations or establishments to confirm that web usage conforms to the native usage policy. Load reconciliation Proxy servers also can be used as load-balancer in an exceedingly reverse direction for the work among many content communications protocol servers, every of them serving their own application space.